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London has spawned a stellar FinTech ecosystem that attracts the best startups and scaleups in the world, alongside the most powerful venture funds that invest tens of billions of dollars in London FinTech each year. Our city is streets ahead of the US and China in the development of new financial services and business models. You have chosen the right city


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We devote a substantial amount of our time to identifying new trends within technology and finance. We develop new scenarios and dreamscapes for banks and are constantly seeking out new opportunities. If you want to know what may happen in the financial future, then give us a call and we’ll come to speak and inspire you.

ne@bankinglab.london / +44 7474 036 536.


We let community banks simulate their future business strategies


Bankinglab London is developing an extremely cool “banking simulator” that helps you estimate the economic and organisational consequences of new financial trends and technologies. We combine global FinTech trends with your bank’s economy and business model to estimate the impact of a fast changing world.


The two founders and their philosophy


Make it new and let it grow …

Bankinglab London is founded by former commercial banker Helene Panzarino and financial futurist Nils Elmark. We have been part of London’s FinTech ecosystem since its very beginning 10 years ago. We have seen startups with good ideas grow into unicorns. It’s been a decade dominated by global tech companies, but we believe that community banking is now experiencing a revival. Thanks to new technology it’s again an advantage to be small.

But community banks should not innovate what they have. Faster horses won’t do. Today’s opportunities call for completely new business models that get time and trends on their side. We facilitate this process and we believe that the future growth of the new community banking starts in London. We won’t tell you about the future - we’ll show you. We’ll let you meet the new bright FinTech entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists who back them.

In short, we want to give small financial institutions in Europe and America the same insights as the tech giants and the global banks. And we want to inspire our partners to develop new and exciting banking models that will grow and prosper in their communities.

Inspired? Give us a call or send us an email to hear how London’s FinTech eco-system can help your community bank change and expend.

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