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Today, financial institutions need access to a creative strategy laboratory ourside their own organisations where the world is always new, where future visions can be imagined and old business models re-invented

Bring New Ideas to Life 

Banking Lab London helps financial institutions bring new radical ideas to life. We monitor international business trends, design research-based market scenarios and provide strategic decision making tools that let our partners simulate their business future down to the bottom line


Our team is part of your business

Banking Lab London is the strategic test centre and the future simulator programme you never had before. Consider us an integrated part of your own strategic capabilities. We adjust our research projects to your needs and you have access to our facilities in London.  

Creative Fintech in King's Cross

Banking Lab London is based in Kings Cross;  but we use the whole of London as artists used Paris a century ago: for Inspiration! London is the Financial Capital of The World and the city represents an impressive eco-system of banks, investors, technology companies and fintech-startups. This is all part of our lab!


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Banking Lab London is powered by Incepcion  Ltd, an accelerator to help businesses discover new opportunities and ways of growing. 

Upcoming Events

Local Banking Reimagined at King's Collage Strand Campus on the 14th & 15th of January 2016

We invite you to a 24-hour banking hack in collaboration with the Danish Management School Business Institute. The participants will work in teams to come up with future options and actions for local banks looking to create innovative new business models based on new financial technology. The session will take place at King's Collage Strand Campus and in the streets of London using the chaos and creative energy of everyday life as inspiration. After the final pitch all participants are invited to network over drinks at the venue. 

To apply, you'll need to register below:

Eventbrite - Local Banking Re-Imagined